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Automotive Suspension Market

Automotive suspension is a system of components that connects a vehicle to its wheels and allows the vehicle to move over uneven surfaces. The suspension system absorbs the impact of the bumps and potholes on the road, and reduces the… Read More
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Permanent Magnet Motor Market

A permanent magnet motor is an electric motor that uses permanent magnets to create its magnetic field. This type of motor is typically used in applications where the motor will be running continuously, such as in a fan or pump.… Read More
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In-Wheel Motor Market

In-wheel motor is a type of electric motor that is mounted inside the wheel of a vehicle. This type of motor is used in electric vehicles, as well as some hybrid and fuel cell vehicles. In-wheel motors offer a number… Read More
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Electric Power Steering Market

Electric power steering (EPS) is a system that uses an electric motor to assist the driver of a vehicle in steering. The electric motor is connected to the steering column and provides additional torque to the steering system. This additional… Read More
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Automotive Ambient Lighting Market

Automotive ambient lighting is a system used in some automobiles to provide interior lighting that is independent of the vehicle's exterior lighting. The purpose of ambient lighting is to provide a more pleasurable and comfortable experience for the occupants of… Read More
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