Top 10 Companies in Grain Alcohol Market

Top 10 Companies in Grain Alcohol Market

Grain alcohol is a type of alcohol made from fermented grain. It is also known as ethyl alcohol or ethanol. Grain alcohol is the active ingredient in alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, and liquor. It is also used as a fuel, a solvent, and an antiseptic. Grain alcohol is produced by fermentation, which is the process of converting carbohydrates into alcohol using yeast or bacteria. The carbohydrates are usually derived from grains such as wheat, corn, or rice. The fermentation process is used to produce beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages

Wilmar Group

Wilmar International Limited is a Singaporean food processing and investment holding company with more than 300 subsidiary companies. Founded in 1991, it is one of Asia’s leading agribusiness groups alongside the COFCO Group. It has over 500 manufacturing plants and an extensive distribution network covering China, India, Indonesia, and some 50 other countries and regions. Through scale, integration, and the logistical advantages of its business model, Wilmar is able to extract margins at every step of the value chain, thereby reaping operational synergies and cost efficiencies. Wilfarol fatty alcohols are derived from Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil. Depending on customer requirements, they are available as broad, binary, or pure-cut fatty alcohols.


Cristalco is one of Europe’s leaders in the sugar, alcohol, and bioethanol markets. They market beet and cane sugar, ethyl alcohol from beets and wheat, as well as conventional and advanced bioethanol and ingredients extracted from the stevia plant. Their industrial history begins in 2000 with the creation of the Cristal Union sugar beet cooperative. Over the years, Cristalco has grown by choosing key buyouts and partnerships in alcohol, sugar, and Stevia. The company is a responsible and sustainable partner with an international presence, preserving its local roots while being open to the world. In addition, it develops rectified alcohols from the fermentation and distillation of French-origin agricultural raw materials, guaranteed GMO-free. Our alcohols are produced from beets, whole wheat, and wine substrates.


Cargill, Incorporated is a privately held American global food corporation based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, and incorporated in Wilmington, Delaware. Founded in 1865, it is the largest privately held corporation in the United States in terms of revenue. Cargill provides food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services to the world. Cargill’s neutral grain and potable alcohol is used by many European spirits producers in their leading brands, including vodkas, gins, jenevers, liquors, pastis and cream liquors. A lot of distillers and bottlers place their trust in Cargill’s alcohol because of its excellent and constant taste and odor. In close cooperation with every customer, Cargill selects the optimal grade for each brand.

Merck Group

The Merck Group, branded and commonly known as Merck, is a German multinational science and technology company headquartered in Darmstadt, with about 60,000 employees and present in 66 countries. The group includes around 250 companies; the main company is Merck KGaA in Germany. Merck is a global healthcare company that delivers innovative health solutions through its prescription medicines, vaccines, biologic therapies, and animal health products.

Manildra Group

The Manildra Group is an Australian agribusiness based in Sydney. It was formed in 1952 when Jack Honan purchased a flour mill in Manildra. In 1966 a starch and gluten plant was established in Auburn. Manildra Group produces a range of Australian food and industrial products — including wheat flours, bakery mixes, vital wheat gluten and proteins, starches, syrups, ethanol, stockfeeds, fats and oils, and bags — for domestic and export markets. Manildra Group manufactures an extensive range of ethanol grades to meet all domestic and international regulations and quality requirements. With our unwavering commitment to quality-control systems and value-adding innovation, Manildra Group sets the global standard for ethanol purity and excellence.


The Archer-Daniels-Midland Company, commonly known as ADM, is an American multinational food processing and commodities trading corporation founded in 1902 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. ADM delivers industrial ethanol to refiners through an expansive network of trucks, railcars, barges and terminals. ADM has a long history of producing high-quality industrial alcohol products, and their customers know they can count on them to meet their needs at a time when other providers may struggle to meet the strict USP specifications required for hand-sanitizer production.

MGP Ingredients

Operating in Atchison, Kansas, and Lawrenceburg, Indiana, MGP began as a humble grainbelt distillery in 1941 and has since grown into a leading supplier of premium distilled spirits, and specialty wheat proteins and starches. The company partners with small startups and global brands alike to innovate in the food science industry and create some of the finest whiskeys, ryes, bourbons, gins and vodkas in the world. MGP produces Grain Neutral Spirits (GNS) to individual specification for our customers and quality is judged on both a chemical and sensory analysis. MGP produced GNS  is found in some of the largest brands in the world for such diverse product groups as vodka, cordials, liquors and blended whiskeys.

Roquette Frères

Roquette is a French-based family owned company which produces more than 650 by-products from the starch extracted from corn, wheat, potatoes and peas. Roquette is a family-owned global leader in plant-based ingredients, a pioneer of plant proteins and a leading provider of pharmaceutical excipients. In collaboration with its customers and partners, the Group addresses current and future societal challenges by unlocking the potential of Nature to offer the best ingredients for Food, Nutrition and Health markets. As leader in polyol (sugar alcohol) production, technology and applications, Roquette is able to offer the broadest range, including sorbitol, maltitol, mannitol, xylitol and isosorbide.

Glacial Grain Spirits 

Established in 1998, Glacial Grain Spirits (GGS) manufactures industrial alcohol, food grade ethyl alcohol, beverage, and grain neutral spirits.  These products are used in everything from food and beverages to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.  GGS remains one of the only farmer-owned manufacturers of industrial, organic, food grade and beverage alcohol products in the United States. “Grain spirit” is a legal classification for neutral spirit that is distilled from fermented grain mash and stored in oak containers. Glacial Grains Spirits produces a high-quality organic Ethyl Alcohol used in many applications from cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to beverage.

Grain Processing Corporation

Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) is a family-owned company, founded and headquartered in Muscatine, Iowa. Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) is a leading manufacturer and worldwide marketer of corn-based products including maltodextrins, corn syrup solids, and starches for the food, pharmaceutical, and personal care markets; ethyl alcohol for beverage and industrial use; starches for the paper, corrugated box, textile, and wallboard industries; corn oil; animal feed ingredients, and pet care products.