Top 10 Blockchain Companies

Top 10 Blockchain Companies

Gemini :

Gemini is an online crypto trading platform that allows users to buy, sell and trade more than 75 different cryptocurrencies. Like every other crypto company, Gemini uses the Blockchain for cybersecurity purposes. Gemini also allows users to transfer crypto into their own ‘Gemini Earn’ currency which offers interest to customer crypto investments. Gemini’s newest product, the Gemini Credit Card, offers users instant returns in Crypto. Gemini, as a company, prides itself on its Institutional client service, insurance, security and multi-asset platform.

Coinbase Global Inc. :

Coinbase is a platform that allows users to invest, spend, save and trade in Cryptocurrencies. It is a worldwide provider of secure, crypto based financial transactions. Alongside providing a Crypto trading platform, Coinbase gives users the opportunity to earn interest on crypto, use crypto as a currency, and earn rewards on Crypto. Like other companies in this business, Coinbase is coming out with its own Credit card that does transactions in cryptocurrencies with added benefits such as better cashback, lesser fees and Crypto rewards. 


Robinhood is an app that allows users to buy and sell stocks, Cryptocurrencies, and ETFs. Robinhood is one of the largest companies in this industry and their main selling point is that they do not charge any fee for crypto related transactions, unlike any competitors. Like their competitors, Robinhood is coming up with a debit card that rewards its customers in Cryptos and stocks upon usage. 

Ripple Lab:

Ripple is a Financial Technology company that provides banks and other financial monet providers to transfer money directly, without a 3rd party. Ripple uses a secure line on the blockchain to do this. Ripple is different in how it allows banks to track their transactions and use its own XRP tokens to facilitate transfers between different currencies. 


Bitfarms is a Canadian based crypto mining company that also offers customers technical repair, data analytics, electrical engineering and installation services. Bitfarms use high energy consuming computing programs that help them farm Bitcoin. All energy tey use is clean and renewable. They are one of the largest companies in the mining industry with around 10 operations ongoing.

Monex Group Inc.:

The Monex Group is an online financial institution that provides services such as asset management, investment education, Mergers & Acquisitions advising, International foreign exchange and cryptocurrency exchange. Monex’s crypto division engages in research, study, design, development and consultation in the field of cryptocurrency and block chain. They operate an app called ‘Cheese’ on which users can trade in Bitcoin.

Voyager Digital Ltd.:

Voyager Digital is a company that offers customers access to a digital platform to sell and buy crypto assets. Voyager allows its users to trade over 60 cryptos on the secure blockchain along with secure crypto payment options. Like its competitors, Voyager is coming out with its own debit card that gives rewards in crypto. Their main selling point is guaranteed monthly rewards, even without usage.

Riot Blockchain Inc.:

Riot Blockchain is an American bitcoin mining company. They are rapidly expanding their Bitcoin mining hash rate and have over 300MW in developed capacity in hosting facilities across America. Their energy sources are 88% zero emission. 

Canaan Inc.

Canaan is a Chinese provider of high performance chips that can be custom made for specific assignments. The company also offers Artificial Intelligence services such as AI chips, AI algorithms and a system on chip (SoC) method of integration. Canaan specializes in the development of chips for Blockchain servers and ASIC microprocessors used in Bitcoin mining. Their ASIC chip series was a technological revolution in that it was the first energy efficient computing equipment in the crypto industry. Canaan is still a leading manufacturer of Bitcoin mining machines worldwide.


Recur is a platform to buy and sell NFTs in a streamlined process. Like cryptocurrencies, NFTs are secure and cybersafe on the blockchain. Recur is advertised as the ‘pathway to the metaverse’ – the idea behind recur is that keeping artwork secure on the internet shows that big brands can be kept secure in the metaverse. Recur’s flagship product, the Recur pass, is a minted pass which is programmed to correspond with a color set based on the number of the pass and its attributes. This pass gives customers access to a collection of unique NFTs from a list of licensed intellectual property, including some of the world’s biggest bands.