Top 10 Smart Luggage Companies

Top 10 Smart Luggage Companies

Smart luggage is a type of luggage that is equipped with advanced features and technology. These features can include GPS tracking, remote locking, and weight sensors. Smart luggage is designed to make traveling easier and more convenient for users. Many smart luggage products also come with built-in chargers for devices such as laptops and phones.

Samsonite International S.A

Samsonite International S.A. is an American luggage manufacturer and retailer of products such as large suitcases, small toiletries bags and briefcases, and others. The company was founded in Denver, Colorado, United States. Its registered office is in Luxembourg and it is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Samsonite smart luggage is full of the latest innovative features to make travel easy including a built-in weighing scale, fingerprint ID Lock, and USB charge port. The new EVOA TECH is an all-in-one innovative travel solution. Featuring a fingerprint TSA combination lock, built-in weight scale, Bluetooth Proximity Tracker, and an integrated USB port with an internal power bank pocket, it creates a premium travel experience with enhanced flexibility, efficiency, and security.


Away is an American luggage and travel accessories retailer. It is based in New York City and was started by Jen Rubio and Steph Korey in 2015. It is one of the highest-funded female-backed startups.  The premium travel brand introduced its streamlined, tech-infused, carry-on luggage, selling directly to consumers to keep prices down. The Away luggage is not only beautifully designed and made from high-quality materials, but it can also charge your mobile phone. However, the real key to the brand’s popularity is content and influencer marketing, which has been core to the company since the beginning.


Trunkster was founded in 2014 by Jesse and Gaston to create a smart suitcase that comes with modern features and gadgets to help travelers. In addition, it is a luggage brand that manufactures smart luggage that comes inbuilt with a roll-up design, weighing scale, and USB ports to help you charge your gadgets while on the road. Besides, it was designed for wander lusters seeking the most streamlined travel experience. Rather than just adding smart features to existing luggage, they aspired to introduce a game-changing design with their evolutionary sliding door. The last major update to the core design of luggage was wheels. And while many cool new features have been introduced since then, most have failed to improve the actual experience of using luggage.


Bluesmart is a global travel company, headquartered in San Francisco, and has offices in Hong Kong, China, and Argentina.. The company became famous for making the world’s first smart connected luggage. The Bluesmart One, its first smart connected luggage product, was launched in October 2014 through Indiegogo. It raised more than $2M in pre-orders from more than 10,000 backers in 120 countries worldwide. Bluesmart One was named “Top Innovative Product and Service” by Forbes Magazine, awarded “Best Travel Gear” by Fast Company, and “Best of the Best” Red Dot Design Award. The company is backed by Y Combinator and other top Silicon Valley venture investors.


Horizn is a travel tech venture, headquartered in Berlin. Their hero hardware product is their Smart Luggage range. As first vertical, online player in the European luggage market, and Europe’s first Smart Luggage brand, HS designs, develops and sells premium quality, innovative travel products at very competitive prices. Their products offer GPS, Chargers, Proximity Alerts, Travel App, Personal Travel Assistant, and more – subtly integrated in a very contemporary design. They launched the world’s first luggage with a removable charging function. Three years later, they collaborated with NASA-astronaut, Alyssa Carson to give space luggage its world debut. In 2020, they have been coping with a global pandemic, which, as a travel start-up, has been affecting our community in unprecedented ways. Always forward-looking, in 2021, we are excited to further our sustainability journey.


Delsey Paris is a line of luxury French luggage that originated the hard-sided suitcase in 1970. Now they have a full lineup of hard and soft shell suitcases in multiple styles and colors. We tested hard and soft Delsey luggage and found them to be incredibly spacious with great features. Delsey Pluggage, the lithium-free connected suitcase, fortunately, PLUGGAGE is a lithium-free connected suitcase that works with AAA alcaline batteries. Thus, in the hold or the cabin you can therefore still benefit from the bag’s functionality: the Bluetooth alert mode, which alerts you to your bag’s movements on your smartphone, the fingerprint opening, and even the integrated digital scale if you want to (re) weigh it.

Planet Traveler

The Planet Traveller is a one-stop lifestyle store for discerning travellers looking for travel products. They source and market a wide range of innovative travel products that provide for all your travel needs before you begin your journey. Planet Traveler USA offers a wealth of innovation with the very latest features. The new USA Space Case 1 carry on luggage is the most modern and innovative, with every tech convenience to make your journey awesome! You’ll enjoy traveling with this inspired carry on luggage from Planet Traveler USA and you’ll be amazed by the features! Planet Traveler luggage has the convenient dual wheel spinners, the built-in combination lock that is TSA approved, and the split packing design. But Planet Traveler USA luggage is also infused with the latest technology features too! It has a Lift-Less scale app that lets you know if your luggage is going overweight before you get charged those annoying fees at the airport.

American Tourister

American Tourister is a brand of luggage owned by rothers Sol and Irving Koffler founded American Luggage Works in Providence, Rhode Island, United States in 1933. In 2009, American Tourister was acquired by Astrum International, which also owns Samsonite. At American Tourister, they believe travel should be fun. They take pride in making stylish, high quality, and yeah, fun luggage that you can rely on. American Tourister is the smart choice for you and your family, offering a wide selection of travel products including luggage items as well as casual, and business bags.


TraxPack! It is a new kind of suitcase that deploys a track system, similar to a tank’s, to effortlessly roll up stairs. TraxPack’s mission is to make travel safe, secure, and smooth. Traxpack is an internet-first brand of smart luggage. The luggage has tilted handle for making the transportation easy and has TSA lock. It is also equipped with a USB charging port and have tank tracks for dragging it on stairs. It also sells its baggage positioning system to track the luggage for an additional cost. TraxPack’s mission is to make travel safe, secure, and smooth. When you combine the Track System along with many other incredible features you have the TraxPack 360 line of luggage, the game changer.

Tripp Ltd.

Tripp has over 20 years’ experience designing and selling luggage in the UK. The company aims to provide perfect travel solutions for its customers, and offers the best choice, quality and value on the high-street. The luggage sold by the company are designed in the UK, and include soft and hard options along with an extensive range of cabin luggage and travel bags. In addition, the company ensures all of its luggage products are incredibly strong, good looking, exceptional quality, ultra-lightweight, and great value for money.