Top 10 3D Printing Companies

Top 10 3D Printing Companies

3D Systems:

3D Systems develops 3D printers for plastics, metals and other materials while also providing software, maintenance and training services along with on-demand productions. Their main industries are Healthcare (dental and medical devices) and Industrial (aerospace and transportation). 3D Systems’ technologies include Stereolithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Direct Metal Printing (DMP), and a lot more. Stereolithogrpahy, the company’s newest technology, is marketed as the next big thing in the 3D printing world. This machine provides better speed, higher laser power, reliability and automation with advanced photopolymer materials and better processing systems. 3D systems does business throughout the world through subsidiaries. 


GE Additive (General Electric):

GE Additive is a world leader in metal additive design and manufacturing. They are pioneers in this field and through their advanced machines, additive experts and quality powders, the company builds innovative new products for customers. Their 3D printer technology is becoming advanced enough to use robots for optimization and acceleration of development times at plants. Current 3D printers are specialized to a variety of fields such as medical, industrial and aeronautical. Their newest technology, the Direct Metal Laser Melting machines incorporate lasers to melt layers of fine powder and create incredibly accurate geometries in several different sizes, capable of meeting the needs of any industry. 


Autodesk Inc.

Autodesk Inc. is an American company that produces 3D printers which offer customer solutions in the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing and media fields. The company’s products include a variety of printers such as the AutoCAD series, 3ds Max, Maya, Revit, Inventor and the new flagship printer, the Fusion 360. The Fusion 360 is a cloud based 3D modeling software for product design and software. It streamlines the printing process and still builds with accuracy to meet the aesthetics, form, fit and function.


Exone Company

The Exone company develops and provides services for 3D printing across the globe. The company uses both direct (metal) and indirect (sand) applications. Direct production produces a tool while indirect production produces a component to make a tool. A big service Exone offers is its pre-production collaboration that prints products for customers through its network of Exone Adoption Centers. Exone provides materials and parts of the process to the customers along with training and technical support.


Hoganas AB

Hoganas is a Swedish company that produces iron, metal and ceramic powders. They are a modern company who look to use their technology to solve problems like sustainable energy with powders and solutions. Hoganas is the leading producer of metal and iron powders with a yearly capacity of 500,000 tons. The advantages of using powder include far cheaper costs, lesser energy usage and lesser post production processes such as metal removal. In addition to powders, Hoganas develops 3D printers that can develop very precise, high quality and accurate parts with additive manufacturing, all while being cost effective. These 3D printers use Hoganas powders to make products.


Optomec Inc.

Optomec Inc. is a recognized leader in innovation in the field of 3D Printing. Their investments in the development of the 3D Additive Manufacturing Systems have led to a system that is cheaper with more functional benefits than a traditional one. Optomec Aerosol Jet Printers are used in the development of next gen microelectronic devices. This ability to directly print lightweight electronics make this machine special and an ideal device to reduce device size and weight. 


Organovo Holdings Inc.

Organovo Holdings is a biotechnology company that builds high fidelity 3D tissues that can mimic key aspects of a human tissue such as its composition, structure, architecture and even disease. The company has its own automated NovoGen Bioprinters that enable the fabrication of 3D living tissues. These bioprinters dispense pure hydrogel formulations, which are important components of tissue prototyping and manufacturing. So far, this technology has been used to create copies of a healthy human liver, kidney, intestine, skin, bone, skeletal muscle, eye and other organs. These models are meant to help scientists cure disease. 


Ponoko Limited:

Ponoko Limited is a new, small group that believes in a digital manufacturing future. They aim to produce a product 10x faster at a cheaper cost. Ponoko does this by  using laser cutting instead of 3D printers to build for custom parts. They use over 200 engineering grade materials such as plastics, rubbers, foam and more. Using laser cutting gives Ponoko much more accuracy at a much cheaper price, along with a faster process. Ponoko services are used in a variety of fields such as technology, jewelry, automobiles, scientific devices and agriculture.


Stratasys Ltd:

Stratasys Ltd. is a company that provides polymer based 3D Printing Solutions. They are a company known for their innovation and development and have over 1,500 technological patents. They create parts for a variety of industries such as aerospace, transportation, medical and education. Their company provides services for expertise on  materials, software, and on demand production. Stratasys 3D printers include Connex3 Object260, F170 and the newest, ‘next level’ Origin One printer. The Origin One is a top of the line printer that enables mass production through accuracy, consistency and detail with the P3 Programmable Photopolymerization Technology. It is a versatile machine that is capable of printing both big and small objects with the same degree of accuracy. Stratasys is one of the biggest companies in this industry and operates throughout the globe.


Voxeljet AG:

Voxeljet AG is a Germany based company that manufactures and provides services for 3D printers. Voxeljet is divided into 2 parts – Voxeljet Systems and Voxeljet Services. The Systems section produces and sells 7 printing systems under the Voxeljet series. These products give customers a variety of options to suit what they want in important categories such as size, functional components, materials used and automation with the same base voxeljet 3D printer template. The Voxeljet Services part of the company operates a 3D printing station that allows customers to make on-demand production of models. Voxeljet Systems sells throughout the world with a production plant based in Augsburg, Germany.