Privacy Policy

Global Insight Services (GIS) takes the privacy and confidentiality of its website users very seriously.

We work to ensure customer satisfaction

Global Insight Services is dedicated to protecting customer privacy while using our website. The only data we collect from are the ones you, the user / customer, voluntarily gives to us. We only ask for information in relation to identifying and marking customers so we can guarantee the best possible services with the most personalization.

What exactly do we collect?

Customer email, phone, name, company name, address, and title are the only data we store. This is recorded when you make a purchase, subscription, submit a form or use other features on our website. Our information collection ensures smooth, problem free business between all parties involved. Data we collect is used to contact you and market products we think you would be interested in.

In addition to user information, GIS uses cookies to record third party information such as location, IP address, and other data to optimize your experience using our site. If a user does not want to share this information, cookies can be turned off in their browser settings.

Is this data ever shared and is it secure?

The only instances where this data is shared is when we send it to a third party to work on your product or for legal purposes. We never share your information with a third party for marketing purposes. You can also trust your information to be safe with us, accessible only by employees of our company.

Third Party Tools

Our website uses other company tools to maximize our efficiency. You may find links to these throughout this website. While these are safe and secure to use, we do not take responsibility for any loss, damage, or problem that happens due to third party tools.

Changes in policy

Our privacy policy could change with new laws or regulations. For any questions, you can contact