Research Methodology

Global Insight Services Research Methodology

Global Insight Services employs a rigorous, robust, and transparent research methodology that sets it apart from other research firms. We follow consistent research standards and methodologies throughout our teams to ensure consistency of forecast and analysis across industries and geographies.

Our research methodology follows these steps and processes:

Data Collection

Extensive data collection using paid and free data sources as well as primary research.

  • Annual reports
  • SEC filings
  • Investor presentations
  • Company presentations
  • Analyst reports
  • Industry players
  • Suppliers
  • Distributors
  • KOLs
  • Government reports
  • International institutions
  • National statistics organizations
  • Import-Export stats
  • Conference reviews
  • Industry journals
  • Technology reviews
  • Associations
  • Proprietary databases
  • Paid sources of
  • industry information

Modeling and Forecasting

Information collected through secondary and primary research is analyzed through our proprietary market forecast models to estimate size and forecasts of different markets. Our model incorporates both supply side and demand side estimations to come up with an integrated market estimation

Demand Side:

  • Idantification of markots and sub-markots and thalr damand drivars
  • Identification of macro economic and industry level indicators that are
    correlated to demand drivers
  • Multiple Regression and forecasting to produce forecast
  • Incorporation of primary research inputs from industry participants and
    KOLs to incorporate nuances of different geographies and markets

Supply Side:

  • Data from company reports as well as industry databases depending on
    specific industry
  • Analysis of regulatory issues and export import data to understand
    supply chain dynamics and issues
  • Analysis of trends and understanding of industry supply capacity to
    understand how supply situations may evolve in future
  • Benchmarking and primary research to assign company shares

Expert Analysis

Next step in market sizing and estimation is where we really stand out on account of our expert analysts. Our analysts consider results of research and modeling and then bring in their expertise in specific markets to validate data, perform quality checks, and ensure nuances of specific geographies and markets are incorporated within our market estimations.

Reporting and Presentation

Analysts work on writing analysis reports or presentation based on market data as well as other secondary and primary research. Final step in research process involves second level of quality check to ensure analysis we are providing is robust, actionable, and meet client needs.